1 Welcome to Dinglebum

Discussed logistics and mechanics for our RPG, created our characters, and entered into the realm of Seshwan. Chad plays a dwarf warrior named Laterus, John a Half-Orc Barbarian named Vargus, and Earl a Tiefling Paladin named Damakos. The three meet unexpectedly one day within an inn in the town of Dinglebum, and are given a quest from a local shop keeper named Marcellus. The party is sent to retrieve and investigate what remains of Marcellus' latest cargo shipment after it was reportedly struck by a large meteorite south of Dinglebum. During the investigation, the party fights off 2 large snake like creatures, 2 winter wolves, 2 elemental fire imps, and a hellcat (miniboss). Marcellus' wagon is kaputz, the meteorite seems to possess mysteriously mysterious mysteries and contains many snake like creatures, and Damakos is severly burned during the fight with the hellcat. Much loot is gained. The party returns to Dinglebum, where they rest, play darts with gnomes, and talk with Marcellus. The skies suddenly turn red, and a large meteor lands in Dinglebum! What could this mean? What adventures lie ahead? 


Players: Laterus (Chad), Vargus (John), Damakos (Earl)


natejam123 natejam123

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